The Pretty & Practical  Planner to get you motivated & organized in 2019!

EverydayPlanners 2019 is colorful, minimal, clean and versatile,

suitable for go-getter girls from any background.

When you have so much to handle, get your thoughts, projects and goals organized. 

Are you a busy bee? Do you like to write things down but don't have the time to make it pretty? Well, EverydayPlanners is here to help organize those scattered notes and jots! Our planner is always about keeping it joyful to plan, no matter how busy u are. You can use plain pens, colored pens, stickers or no sticker, it will still be nice!

What's Special About

Compact A5 Size + Systematic Goal System + Colorful Monthly Theme + Elegant Gold Finish +  Sturdy yet Light Hardcover + Bronze Wire-O + Monthly Color Therapy Tab Separators + Plenty Dotted Note Space!


  • Vision Board, Goal Setting and Mission Roadmap to keep you on track to your dream life.
  • Details page to gather all important personal info you keep forgetting.
  • Health Tracker to keep yourself mindful of your physical progress.
  • 2018 Holidays including state and school holidays to plan for your gatherings and trips.
  • Holiday Plans page to keep the details and checklist for your trips.
  • Dotted Note Space at the back to do anything you desire.


  • Separator Tabs to let you find each month easily and printed with quotes that you can color and decorate.
  • Different Color Theme each month to light up your mood and make it more exciting!
  • 1-page Monthly Overview with enough space to jot your important agenda – holidays dates included!
  • Monthly Mission Progress to follow through with your goals.
  • Monthly Budget Tracker to keep track of your income and expenses.
  • Monthly Reflection to analyze and evaluate your experience and performance through out the month.


  • Color Theme Based on the month. Clean layout so you feel calm.
  • 1-page Weekly Overview for your to-dos, schedule, or meal plan and easy to skim through.
  • Dotted Note space to write / draw / paint / paste ANYTHING!
  • Weekly Tracker to track repetitive tasks – pray, yoga, medication…etc. You decide what to track.
  • This Week Mission for your top urgent & important things to get done.


  • Hardcover which is durable and let the book sit in your bag nicely.
  • Matte Protection so you don’t have to worry about water drops and having that sleek touch.
  • Elegant Design so you will feel proud to take it as your go-to companion.
  • Gold Finish to give you that gold vibe to attract abundance and positivity.
  • Leaflets of 100gsm thickness simili paper to resist ink bleeding when you write with your cute pens.
  • Bronze Wire-O to complete the whole look and it allows you to fold the book, saving space on your table.


4 Chic Cover DesigNS

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What Others Say...


Your planner is a dream! Thanks for designing the planner, it has everything I need.

Priya Shalini

Working Women


Can't resist your planner! The best thing I rasa, this planner ada weekly mission. This planner tepat dan padat, tak banyak iklan. I can make it just like what I want!

Nurul Izza
University Student


The planner is complete, and the pages are thought through. I'm so much more organized now since I use this planner.

Candy Lee

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