Baby Rose 2019 Planner

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When you have so much to handle, get your thoughts, projects and goals organized. Everyday will be extraordinary.

Compact Size – Spacious Notespace – Systematic Goal Based – Colorful – Elegant Gold Finish

New! Monthly Tab Separators + So Much More Dotted Note Space!

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  • Vision Board, Goal Setting and Mission Roadmap to keep you on track to your dream life.
  • Details page to gather all important personal info you keep forgetting.
  • Health Tracker to keep yourself mindful of your physical progress.
  • 2019 Holidays including state and school holidays to plan for your gatherings and trips.
  • Holiday Plans page to keep the details and checklist for your trips.
  • Dotted Note Space at the back to do anything you desire.


  • Separator Tabs to let you find each month easily and printed with quotes that you can color and decorate.
  • Different Color Theme each month to light up your mood and make it more exciting!
  • 1-page Monthly Overview with enough space to jot your important agenda – holidays dates included!
  • Monthly Mission Progress to follow through with your goals.
  • Monthly Budget Tracker to keep track of your income and expenses.
  • Monthly Reflection to analyze and evaluate your experience and performance through out the month.


  • Color Theme Based on the month. Clean layout so you feel calm 🙂
  • 1-page Weekly Overview for your to-dos, schedule, or meal plan and easy to skim through.
  • Dotted Note space to write / draw / paint / paste ANYTHING!
  • Weekly Tracker to track repetitive tasks – pray, yoga, medication…etc.
  • This Week Mission for your top urgent & important things to get done.


  • Hardcover which is durable and let the book sit in your bag nicely.
  • Matte Protection so you don’t have to worry about water drops and having that sleek touch.
  • Elegant Design so you will feel proud to take it as your go-to companion.
  • Gold Finish to give you that gold vibe to attract abundance and positivity.
  • Leaflets of 100gsm thickness simili paper to resist ink bleeding when you write with your cute pens.
  • Bronze Wire-O to complete the whole look and it allows you to fold the book, saving space on your table.

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