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This is a free download. You’re free to print, re-print and share it with your friends. Spread the love!

Note that it’s not for re-sale though :p

Don’t forget to #letsgetthemgoals !


Have you read my post about Why Track Your Habits??? If not, go read that first!

As I mentioned in the post, our life is a result of our habits. It is SO important for our habits to be aligned with what we want. I just gotta share this with everyone, because I want all of us to be on the right track and be proud of what we are! Nobody should get left behind.

Promise me you do everything you can to achieve what you want and be the person you want to be. OK? No more excuses because besides your own will power and effort, this is all you need to keep going. (and the goal sheets)

So head’s up, here’s what I want you to do:

1. PRINT the Habit Tracker


2. FILL IT IN! You gotta do it like you mean it if you really want it. You hear me??

3. PASTE the Habit Tracker somewhere most visible to you. Remember about that sharing your goals? You can share it with me with #LETSGETTHEMGOALS  Tell us more about it. Share us while u’re one step ahead to reaching that goal! C’mon, there’s nothing to be shy about! Who knows, maybe some of us out here can help ya 😉

4. INVITE MORE FRIENDS to do this with you. Everyone probably have different goals, but it helps when we can encourage each other! Get the momentum going and keep the pace going up up up!

So feel free to share the password with your best friends and run the distance together. It doesnt matter if it’s January, June or December. There’s no better time to start but NOW!

All the best and may the force be with you.

COMMENT BELOW what you honestly feel right now and tell us what you wanna achieve!


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