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Setting your goals properly?

Every new year we always hear that term “New Year Resolution”. And roughly we all know that it means the stuff that we want to achieve a.k.a. our goals. And we also hear a lot how at the end of the year, a lot of people whine that their ‘resolution’ kinda went out the window. Now, let’s get off that cycle and achieve that 2016 goals by setting it properly! Did you know that there are ways to set your goals correctly so that it is more likely for you to achieve it? There are abundance of methods out there, but I like to keep it practical and simple. Just use the 5W 1H – Why, What, When, Where, Who, How. Let’s go!


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1. Prioritize [What & Why]

Come on, don’t we just want it all if we can? We want so many things in life! If not for ourselves, perhaps for other people, our loved ones, right? Well here’s a simple tips we hear a gazillion times – FOCUS ON WHAT YOU NEED! Forget those unnecessary wants. But how do you know if something is important or not? Try to make a list with 4 columns. In the first column, write down that “goal“. In second column is “why“, why do you want that goal. In the third column, write down the “outcomes” – what do you get if you achieve the so-called goal, are they going to add value to you, and are they helping you to get a step closer to other things in life, or are they going to become a burden to you?

example 1: Lydia

Goal >> Get a new car |  Why >> Because It’s my dream and It’ll be cool | Outcome >> Higher maintenance, can swap cars.

Goal >> Get skinnier  | Why >> So I can fit more clothes and look fabulous | Outcome >> Happy, confident

example 2: Lisa

Goal >> Get a new car | Why >> Old car is breaking down | Outcome >> Less maintenance, safer journey, save on repair.

Goal >> Become a millionaire | Why >> So I can help people | Outcome >> Financial Freedom


As above, Lydia has no solid reasons to get a new car. So it’s shouldn’t be her priority. But getting skinnier would give her more positive benefit. For Lisa on the other hand, both goals are reasonable. But I would say that getting a new car seems critical and achievable (not saying 1M is not, perhaps just not as critical). Heck, she can do both simultaneously. You can list out up to 6 top goals per year.


2. Research Your Goal [How, When, Where, Who]

Arghhh… So this bit is pretty technical. You need to do a bit of a study. If you know someone who‘s an expert in the field, go ask! Lisa wants a car, she has to do a bit of comparison, price checking etc. What type of car, what color? When is the best time to get that car?

If you’re on the same page as Lisa to be a millionaire, think when are you going to achieve that? Another 2 years? How are you going to get it? What do you need to do? Same goes with Lydia. She’s 80kg and 160cm tall. She can’t be 54kg by next month! She still needs to research how to lose weight the right way.


3. Break It Down & Get Specific

So once you’ve done your research, you can break it down on your target. So Lisa have to check on certain things. Her savings, if it’s enough and everything. So what if its not enough? Then she has to chip in for that new car down payment – $$$ every month! If she needs 6K for another 6 months, then that’s 1K/month.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to lose weight like Lydia, you should know that the healthy rate of losing weights is about 1kg per week. If you go too fast, it’s going to fluctuate once you stop your diet. So do some calculations, and see when can you get to that ultimate weight.


4. Make Your Schedule

goal setting

Figured it all out yet? Good! So the next step is to record your goals and the steps you need to do to get it. We call it the Action Plan!

As in the picture, the big box on the top is where you write the main goal. “57kg by May” or “2K income per month”.

Then in the lined box below it, Action Plan

, write what you need to do:-

  • Jogging every Monday, Wed and Sat
  • Take green tea after every meal
  • Lose 2 kg on Jan
  • Lose 2 kg on Feb….

In the bottom box, rewards is where you write the outcomes. The benefits you get when you achieve the goals. Be honest, and be true!

So download the free Goal Sheet, print, and fill it in!

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5. Take Action

goal setting

So you’re set on the right path! Paste the Goal Sheet on your board, your toilet door or next to your mirror. On your marks, get set, GO!

Oh I have just one more thing for you. I love love LOVE this habit tracker by HoboBerry. Simple, yet practical! Let’s do this too and paste it next to our goal sheet!




6. Believe In Yourself

It’s scary sometimes, this goal setting. Don’t let your fear of failing hold your back! You’ve done all the research, list all the steps. All to do is to Just Do It! If you need extra push, practice this – read your Goal Sheet aloud every morning! This brings your goal setting to another level, it’s called Visualizing. Read it aloud and picture yourself taking that step and getting that reward at the end of the journey.


7. Share You Dream

You know, I’ve always been so scared to ask for opinions and comments about my ideas. There will always be criticisms and negative feedback. But don’t let that put you down. Hear it properly. Is there any point that you can take to present your ideas and goals better? If so, go ahead and improve. If not then probably they just don’t get it. Sometimes, you can’t win with these people. Go find someone else out there who‘s like minded and share the same passion (and goal) as you are. It’s even better if you can engage with people who you can set as an example, role model and make them your mentor.


8. Be Flexible

If you find yourself tumbling along the road, get up and continue on. It’s fine as long as you don’t stay there! Try not to let it drag too long thou, because sometimes it can really disrupt your momentum and it’ll feel like have to start at square one. If, in case you feel like there need to be some alteration to your goals, don’t feel bad but look at it as soon as you can. You can always reprint and rewrite your goals, anyway 😉


9. Remind Yourself Why You Want It

If you do everything in step 1 to 7 consistently, I can assure that you are always reminded why you want to achieve your goals. You read them everyday, you check on them all the time and you share it with everyone!