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“I always thought that to look good, we need to spend a couple of extra hours to dress-up.”

How on earth does those fashionistas look good everyday? We are so busy sometimes it’s hard to find time to match our clothes. Yes, sometimes we tell ourselves that, meh, we’re fine looking like hobos* (not the cool ones). But don’t we all feel so much better and confident when we look nicer? Don’t lie to me, or yourself. I know everyone wants to look nice.


I always thought that to look good, we need spend a couple of extra hours to dress-up. Have you ever felt tired to put in so much effort to prepare our outfits? I did. I got so fad up with it, which led me to do a little bit of study. And I was so blown away by these 3 tricks that made everyday dressing up so practical.

So here they are,




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#1 Get those BASICS items

If you go to any clothing store, they usually have promotions for basics. Those mini tees, or inner wear. But that is not the only basics I’m talking about here. BASICS are the stuff and you can match with anything. Depends on what type of person you are, spend sometime to list out your preference. It’s important that you LOVE every single one of your basics because you’re going to use them often.


Rules of BASICS:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Durable
  3. In neutral colors: black, white, grey, nude or denim
  4. Stylish – as to your taste. Like i said, you gotta love it.
  5. Simple – because you want to match it with anything


Here’s my list of basics:

  • Jeans
  • Black pants/skirts
  • Plain t-shirt/tees/tank top/singlet
  • Leggings
  • White shirt
  • Plain scarfs
  • Long sleeves
  • Simple dress



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#2 Pick a THEME

Have you ever hear of the term “Lala”? Lala is when someone is trying to be fashionable but wear the wrong items together, becomes a fashion disaster. So how do we avoid this? One word – THEME. Each of us has different taste, therefore only sticks to certain themes, This makes it WAY EASIER as you will know what to consider and what to exclude in your choices. This is also great rule for shopping – only buy the things suitable for your theme!


Rules of THEME:

  1. Only go with one/two theme
    • eg: classy pirate (yes, that came randomly in my head)
  2. Choose two matching colors
    • Maximum is three including the basic white/black/grey/nude
    • Refer picture below for color guide
  3. Theme first, color second
    • eg: ELEGANT CLASSY theme
    • Dusty pink + yellow. You have a yellow bulky sneaker. Avoid it.
  4. Pick one/two DOMINANT item.
    • If you plan to wear a super cool jacket, then choose between killer shoes or bold hijab.
    • If everything is over the top, it will become too overwhelming.


Here are some ideas on THEMES:

  • Classy
  • Elegant
  • Feminine
  • Sporty
  • Street/Rock
  • Casual/Comfy
  • Hippie
  • Bohemian
  • Gothic
  • Traditional


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#3 FOCUS on your STRENGTH, hide your weakness

Everyone is not perfect, but to look almost perfect, we EMPHASIZE on the good qualities. This is where you need to look at your body type. Refer picture below. Of all steps, this is the trickiest one. But you only need to decide once when you’re buying the clothes in the first place.


Rules of FOCUS:

  1. Buy clothes of the RIGHT CUT & STYLE for your bodytype.
  2. Hide problem areas with lose clothes and avoid tightness or accessories there
  3. Bring attention to good features with accessories or dominant item
  4. Find a good CLOTHING RATIO for your body. ie: top length, pants/skirt waistline, neckline, etc


Important note:




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#BONUS: The right HIJAB style

This is for all Muslim ladies out there. If you’re not wearing a headscarf, share this with your friend that does because girl, I know the struggle.

Here are two common mistakes from my observation:-

Common Hijab Mistakes to acknowledge:

  1. Choosing the wrong MATERIAL
    • You might already choose the right color, but when the material doesn’t match, it can go out of theme.
    • For example, you wanna look sporty but your hijab has sparkles and blings or is made of SATIN
  2. Wearing the wrong STYLE
    • I classify hijab styles to two types: FLOWY/FASHIONABLE vs NEAT/SIMPLE.
    • If you already wear dominant/stylist top, tone down your hijab to neat and simple.
    • If you wear simple top, spice up your look with fashionable hijab style



And that is ALL girls. Really simple, really practical. Let me know if this helps you and if you love this, spread the love 🙂

P/S: Do you have your own fashion practice? Comment down below 🙂


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