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Do you girls paste stuff on your wall?

Or would love to but you’re scared if you ruin your wall?

Most of the times when I’m not jotting on my planner, I’ll be sticking some important notes and quotes on my wall. But the thing is, I’ve been using those green Tack-It Adhesive gum all these years and boy, they leave marks!

So when I was in University of Malaya, my creative fashion designer friend, Farah (Check Novak Design), had this cool wall full of artsy poster in her dorm room! It was her inspirations and I was amazed by them!


*Watercolor Art by Farah from Novak.Design


She paste those posters so nicely, and showed us the One Simple Trick!

And… ALL YOU NEED IS… *drum rolls*

A Glue Stick!

*preferably something not too strong, I only had UHU, they leave mark if you put too much


Post anything from sticky notes to quotes

Cover the edges of the paper (just a bit)

Directly paste it on your wall


You can use this to make a Wall Calendar like mine here. Or make a MOOD BOARD!





Like this idea? So get to it girls! Show me your Wall Art, I’d love to see what inspires you 😉 Don’t forget to spread the love!