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Hello, Extraordinary People! I hope yall are having the best year of your life! Despite all the hardship and failed attempts, I personally am managing through and I hope you are too!

So, I got a Passion Planner end of August and use it throughout the month.

Yes, that’s right, a whole month! It was interesting because while the Passion Planner has both monthly and weekly layout just like EverydayPlanners, it, however, is different in structure. Before I tell you why I switched in the first place, let me tell you what I love about the Passion Planner.

So this is how the passion planner looks like, if you haven’t seen it.

#1 Separation of Work & Life

I’ve always forgotten about this because I’m a freelancer. When you work at home and is your own boss, it’s easy to jumble work and normal life. So having a separate to-do list makes it easier for me to look at the respective list when IR