How It All Started

I’ve always had a thing for planning – scribbling, brainstorming, listing, sorting and even journaling! When I don’t (oh, “let’s be spontaneous” and have it a little bit too long), and all hell breaks loose. I can really be forgetful, want too many things, and later find myself lost. Which is why, especially on tough days, I feel planning always makes things much easier. It just keeps me focused.

So in 2015 I was looking for “The Perfect Planner” and apparently everything in the market was the same. Since I’m a designer, I thought, why not create one for myself. So I came up with the Fitness Junkie planner. Thankfully 2015 was a great turning point for me. (I’ve had some rough time for almost half a decade before that. Felt like forever! And yes, I did stopped planning)

I know that each of us want different things, MANY different things. And everyone have their own style to get their everyday going. So I came up with EverydayPlanners and started with 3 different planners РAcademic, Fitness and Business. I hope that these planners can help people achieve their goals, no matter what it is. In just two months, over 200 copies of planners have been sold and we are just warming up.

To all those who purchased, thank you so much for supporting! We promise to give you more great stuff soon!


Sarah Razi

Our Philosophy
Make the ordinary come alive.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.
Our Mission
  1. Help people get organized.

  2. Help people find balance.

  3. Help people achieve goals.

  4. Help people be more creative.

  5. Help people live and fulfill.